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In addition to provide our customer a convenient shopping environment, Body Chocolate also pays much attention to your privacy. We hence define the applicable Privacy Policy. Please refer to the following relevant contents:


1 Obtain Personal Information 

   1.1 When user enters 「Body Chocolate」web-sites, basically do not need to provide personal information, such as name, email address, etc. Unless that you become Member, 「Body Chocolate」will not obtain user information without his/ her notice. 

   1.2「Body Chocolate」web-sites will record user IP address and the browsing activities in the web-sites, but these information will be used only for usage analysis and network allocation, in order to improve our service quality. 

   1.3 Some times, such as when user request becoming Member, ordering electronic newsletters and other services, joining other activities, etc., 「Body Chocolate」web-sites may request user to fill-in personal information for future correspondence, completing transaction, providing service, or managing orders. Under such circumstances, 「Body Chocolate」web-sites will notice about their rights. If user select not to receive any promotions or correspondence, 「Body Chocolate」will respect. 


2 Use Personal Information 

   2.1 Personal information obtained by「Body Chocolate」and related web-sites will only be used by「Body Chocolate」according to the originally stated purpose and scope. Unless mentioned beforehand or act according to relate laws and regulations, 「Body Chocolate」will never provide user information to any third party or use for other purposes. 


3 Cookie 

   3.1 For the convenience of users, 「Body Chocolate」may have some functions using cookie. cookie is used by the web-site server to communicate with user web browser, and it may store some information in user computer, but user can cancel, limit such function via setting in the web browser. 


4 Security 

   4.1 To protect your privacy and security, your account information in 「Body Chocolate」will be password protected. 

   4.2 Under some circumstances, 「Body Chocolate」use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128bit encryption to transmit information in order to protect your information. 


5 Web Links 

   5.1「Body Chocolate」and related web-sites may contain other web-site web link. Regarding these web-sites which is not part of「Body Chocolate」web-sites, the content or privacy policy has no relationship with「Body Chocolate」. 


6 Update Personal Account and Information 

   6.1 User can always update personal information within the 「Body Chocolate」web-sites, including stop sending on electronic newsletter and promotions. 

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